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  • Professional onsite labor.
  • Fixed cost per vehicle, new & used.
  • All personnel are fully trained and certified at our state of the art training facility.
  • Diamond Dealer Services employees are paid hourly not “piece work”. By paying hourly, quality is much higher because our detailers are not rushed to turn over vehicles.
  • All Diamond Dealer Services employees are dressed to impress in uniforms.
  • We use the best products and equipment in the industry.
  • Professional management is onsite during 100% of your retail hours.
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly lot washing of the dealership’s complete inventory.


We started using Diamond Dealer Services over 10 years ago and it’s one of the smartest decisions I ever made. Aside from the unrivalled quality of their work, they have helped me to maintain high CSI scores and eliminate the headaches that go along with maintaining a full time detail staff of our own. I find them to be very easy to work with, and they will even provide additional help for me at a moment’s notice. Overall, they have helped me to improve my bottom line. I would highly recommend Diamond Dealer Services to any automotive group, large or small.
Bob Frankel
President, Frankel Auto Group

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased we are with Diamond Dealer Services. I have had at least 3 other companies that we have used in the past to out-source our detail department.

I can honestly tell you they were as much work managing as if we had our own employees. As you know the major reason I employ an outside company to handle our detail department is not just because it is less expensive it is because I want my mgmt. team focusing on increasing revenue in their department and not always side tracked with the personnel issues brought on by managing the detail department.

I feel at the end of the day my managers spend more time running their departments and creating more revenue by not having to focus on managing the detail department.

Brian A. Fader
President Heritage, Russel and R&H Auto Group