Disinfecting Vehicles and Dealerships is a Natural Extension of Our Service Offering

The detailing department, as we know it, has officially changed.  Only weeks ago, the focus was primarily about the cleanliness of the vehicle, now the focus is on “disinfecting” and keeping consumer and dealership employees safe.  In response to this rapidly changing world, the Diamond Dealer Services team, a national provider of detailing services to dealerships, has enhanced the services we provide to our dealerships.  While we continue to provide “best in class” detailing and workflow solutions, our workforce is now focused on disinfecting vehicles and our mobile fleet wash service has converted to provide disinfectant services for service bays and work areas.

As dealerships work to adapt to this new world, our team has developed several important disinfectant processes to ensure the safety and security of our employees and customers.   These include:

  • Disinfecting every new, used and service vehicle we touch
  • Transforming our mobile lot wash trucks into “Service Bay Disinfectant Teams” that clean equipment, service bays and other work areas.
  • Providing our employees additional Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), online and up-to-date training and coaching on disinfecting process and procedures.

Diamond has been asked by many of our partners: “How do we best protect service employees, technicians and our customers?”   Here are some tips that may help you develop best practices for a disinfectant process:

  • Product Knowledge:
    • Make sure to use disinfectant products that are EPA, FDA and GHS certified.
      • Check the EPA’s list of registered disinfectants that meet the criteria against coronavirus.
      • Be prepared to have product certifications available for customer inquiries. Consider having a FAQ sheet on both the products and the disinfectant process.
      • Make sure you spend time with your supplier to learn the specifics of the product.
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE):
    • Always supply and enforce protection for your employees. Employee safety matters!
    • Training…. Training…. Training! Coach and train every employee.  Coach PPE use every day!
    • Order now! Supply chains are strained, but PPE products are available.  Work with your supplier to establish the proper resupply procedures.

 Training and educating your team:

    • Training should include how to properly use PPE and the appropriate disinfectant.
      • Ask your supplier for any special manufacturer instructions.
    • Prepare a training class on the proper applications process.
      • Make sure to have classroom and hands on training!
      • Chose a cleaning pattern and stick with it.
      • Example: Clean left to right from the driver side door handle.
      • It is vital to pay extra attention to frequently touched items:
        • Steering wheels
        • Seat belt buckles
        • Door handles (inside and out)
        • Shift knobs
        • Dashboards
        • Key fobs
        • Vinyl vs leather vs plastic – it is important to understand and identify the material that is being cleaned to ensure the product works, as intended.
        • Electronics should not be overly saturated and be extra careful with touchscreens.
      • Clean and disinfect equipment and service bays, as well as vehicles
        • Wipe down equipment and storage areas.
        • Periodically clean larger areas or items such as a tool chest.

One last reminder. Understand the product you are using and make sure you frequently train and coach on both the product and the disinfecting process. We are always happy to help and should you have any questions please feel free to contact Ken Chodnicki, CCO, at Diamond Dealer Services at kchodnicki@diamonddealerservices.com

Virginia’s new Statewide Emergency Workplace Safety Standards are now in effect. Click here to view and download the full document.