How to Get Used Cars Online Faster to Increase Dealer Profitability

Person reconditioning a used car headlight

The profit margin on used cars can be razor-thin. To improve your car dealership profit margin, you need to speed up auto sales for your used cars. This requires you to get your used vehicles online as quickly as possible. Diamond Dealer Services offers reconditioning for automotive dealerships and other services to help you boost […]

Why Dealerships Should Use a Detailing Service Provider

Automotive detailing employee rinsing off a vehicle in a dealership detailing department

Your car dealership wants to keep its vehicles looking great. To achieve your goal, you may consider in-house automotive detailing. Yet, a superior alternative is available: hiring a company for professional detailing services. At Diamond Dealer Services, we combine auto detailing with other car dealership services. In doing so, we’re a one-stop shop for all […]