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Diamond Dealer Services is your partner for detailing and related services that boost profitability and customer satisfaction. Sign up and get your first month for free!

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We Created Over $1.5 Million in Annual Floor Plan Savings for Auto Group

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Is Your Detailing Department a Mess?

High-quality detailing is essential for sales and customer satisfaction. But managing the best people, processes, and data to get you there can be a headache. Diamond Dealer Services is your comprehensive partner for fully managed, onsite detailing and photography services.

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Maximize Profitability and Satisfaction With One Partner

Partnering with Diamond Dealer Services offers a number of benefits for automotive dealerships. Our comprehensive service and pricing model provides the following advantages and more.

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Diamond Dealer Services is your partner for comprehensive detailing, photography, and other innovative solutions. Contact us today to learn more and get a customized solution for your dealership’s needs.

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