5 Types of Automotive Software to Increase Service Department Efficiency

Person using automotive dealership software

Many automotive software companies offer tools and technologies for service departments. However, choosing the right automotive software solutions is rarely simple.

So, we’re here to teach you about different types of software for car dealerships. Let’s look at five popular automotive industry software options and how they can help your service department become more efficient than ever before.


ChatGPT is a conversational artificial intelligence (AI) tool. For auto dealerships, ChatGPT offers a free-to-use large language model that lets you deliver 24/7 customer support and generate customer insights.

For example, you can train ChatGPT with a dataset allowing your dealership to book service appointments online instantly. ChatGPT can host conversations similar to those that members of your service department have with customers. These conversations enable customers to ask questions and share their concerns. ChatGPT will address these questions and concerns much like members of your service department will.  

You can also use ChatGPT to conduct surveys and learn about customers’ experiences with your service department. ChatGPT analyzes customer survey responses and provides insights that you can use to improve your service department.   

DealerSocket CRM

DealerSocket CRM is a customer relationship management platform that centralizes your customer data. Service department staff members can use these data to find ways to improve the customer experience.

Additionally, DealerSocket CRM lets users access real-time analytics, produce reports, and track their results. This helps your service department create a culture built around dependability and accountability.


ActivEngage is an automated live chat platform used by over 14,000 automotive dealers. It gives you access to Customer Engagement Experts (CEEs) who’ll chat with customers on your behalf and make sure that their service needs are met.

Also, ActivEngage offers a Co-Managed Messaging option that keeps you updated on customer chat requests. This option allows CEEs or members of your service team to respond to customers’ concerns and questions.    


ARSLoaner lets you track your loaner cars in real-time. Set up the platform on your service department’s mobile devices and computers, and your team can check the status of your loaner cars from any location at any time.  

With ARSLoaner, users can print automobile rental forms, get vehicle maintenance and service notifications, and track car damage. The platform even offers a valet mode, so you’ll be able to pick up or drop off rental cars to customers and further increase your customer satisfaction levels.

Diamond Digital PRO

Diamond Digital PRO is a cloud-based platform that makes it easy to create work orders for detailing, service washes, reconditioning, and other dealer services. It gives your service department a complete picture of what’s happening, what vehicles are in the queue, and which are ready to return to customers. Along with this, customers can use the platform to schedule services.

Thanks to Diamond Digital PRO, you’ll get daily and weekly reports showing your service department’s strengths and weaknesses. The platform also stores and secures your service department’s data.

Get Started with Automotive Dealership Software

Automotive dealer software will make a difference for your car dealership if your service department implements and uses it the right way.

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