4 Tips to Increase Car Dealership Profitability

Dealership owner reviewing information on an ipad in his dealership's lobby

Your car dealership profit margin is a top priority for your business. If you constantly ask yourself how to increase dealer profitability, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to improve your auto dealer profit margin, boost customer satisfaction, and distinguish your dealership from the competition. At Diamond Dealer Services, […]

How to Increase Customer Retention in Your Dealership’s Service Department

Employee detailing a headlight for an automotive dealership service department

Paying attention to automotive dealership customer retention is the key to unlocking more revenue from your current customer base. Providing your customers with great experiences in the service department distinguishes your dealership from its rivals. But how can you optimize your car dealership’s customer retention rate in the service department? The team at Diamond Dealer […]

5 Ways to Use Car Dealership Software to Improve Operations

Closeup of hands using car dealership software Diamond Digital Pro on a tablet

Car dealership analytics are quickly becoming must-haves. They empower dealerships to make faster and more informed decisions than ever before. At the same time, collecting and analyzing car dealership data can be costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, dealership analytics software is now available. This software makes it quick, simple, and affordable for automotive dealerships to gather […]

Get a $50 Amazon Gift Card for Attending a Consultation

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