Customer Retention Tips: Turning Car Purchasers into Service Customers

Car dealership customers with a salesperson

Who says buying a car has to be a one-and-done deal? Promote your auto maintenance and repair services to car buyers, and you can retain these customers long into the future.  

Here are four car dealership customer retention tips to help you transform buyers into service customers.

1. Teach Car Purchasers About Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs

Discuss car maintenance and repairs before a customer finalizes their purchase. Highlight key reasons why car owners bring their vehicles to your dealership for periodic repairs and maintenance, such as:

  • Safety: Regular maintenance helps ensure a car will perform at peak levels and won’t break down at the worst possible time. 
  • Cost Savings: Oil changes, tire rotations, and other regularly scheduled maintenance can help customers avoid more extensive and costly repairs down the line. 
  • Time Savings: By staying on a regular service schedule, customers can avoid vehicle problems that take days or weeks to fix. 

Set up a service schedule with customers. You can follow up with them via phone, text, and email to update them about service appointments. These reminders make it easy for customers to keep up with repairs and maintenance. It also helps bring customers back to your dealership for various services. 

2. Provide Incentives

Incentivize customers to choose your dealership over others for maintenance and repairs. 

For example, offer a free year of oil changes if a customer buys a car from your dealership. Next, keep your customer up to date about oil change intervals and when their vehicle is due for an oil change.

Of course, if you offer a complimentary oil change, you can also perform a complete check-up of a customer’s car at this time. If you identify any issues, notify the customer and explain how you can fix them. This may help you lay the groundwork for becoming their top choice for oil changes and other vehicle repairs and maintenance.  

3. Offer the Best Amenities

Provide automotive dealership services beyond those offered by your competitors. 

First, conduct research to find out what services your rivals offer. Look online for dealerships in your area and visit their websites to learn about their services. You can also search online for reviews to see what customers say about these dealerships and what you can do to match or beat their services. 

From here, partner with a car dealership services provider. This gives you access to auto detailing, service wash, and other best-in-class services, all handled by certified professionals.  

4. Deliver an Outstanding Customer Experience

Make the car-buying experience one your customers will remember. To do so, make a customer a top priority as soon as they walk into your dealership. Answer their questions and give them the information they need to decide if a car fits their style and budget. Level up the customer experience even further by offering fast delivery, detailing, and other services they won’t find at other dealerships. 

After a customer buys a car from your dealership, encourage them to reach out any time they have questions about repairs and maintenance or want to book service appointments. Remain accessible because if customers can’t reach you, they may choose one of your rivals for repair and maintenance services.  

Make the Most of Customer Retention Strategies 

Boost your customer retention rate by promoting your service offerings when a customer buys a car from your dealership. 

At Diamond Dealer Services, we help you improve automotive dealership customer retention. Our team can take care of all of your dealership’s interior and exterior detailing — and much more. 
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