How to Increase CSI Scores with Detailing Services

Diamond Dealer Services employees detailing a car to improve customer satisfaction

Your automotive dealership’s customer satisfaction score (CSI) has far-flung effects. A high CSI score can differentiate your dealership from its rivals, drive sales and revenues, and help you earn bonuses. On the other hand, a low CSI score can cause you to fall behind your competitors, miss out on growth opportunities, and make it nearly impossible to cement your status as an industry leader.

The bottom line: you need to take your CSI automotive score seriously. With the right detailing services, you are well-equipped to do just that.

At Diamond Dealer Services, we are committed to helping dealerships increase their automotive CSI scores. Thanks to our detailing services, you can keep your vehicles looking great. Our services can help you boost your CSI scores now and in the future.

Why It Pays to Constantly Look for Ways to Increase CSI Scores

Your CSI score says a lot about your dealership. Some of the benefits of tracking and improving your CSI score include the following:

1. You Can Boost Your Customer Retention Levels.

Customer satisfaction drives customer loyalty. If you know how satisfied customers are with your dealership, you can tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. You can promote your brand to the right car buyers, at the right time, every time. This helps you simultaneously attract more customers than ever before and lower your customer acquisition costs.

2. You Can Find Out What Issues Plague the Customer Experience.

The ability to quickly detect and address customer experience issues can separate your dealership from the pack. Knowing your CSI score lets you learn about your customer experience (CX). From here, you can get the insights you need to take your CX to the next level. And, you can make your CX a competitive differentiator.

For example, you can perform a service wash any time a customer brings their car to your dealership for repairs. In this situation, you can repair a customer’s vehicle and clean its interior and exterior. When all of your work is done, your customer is likely to be thrilled with their fully repaired vehicle that sparkles inside and out. On top of that, this individual is more likely to bring their car to your dealership over your rivals for repairs moving forward — due largely to their amazing experience at your dealership.

3. You Can Get the Most Value Out of Your Budget.

When you track your CSI score, you can discover what opportunities are available to your dealership. This allows you to narrow your focus to opportunities that align with customers’ expectations. You can capitalize on high-value opportunities over low-value ones. As a result, you can maximize your budget and improve your sales and revenues.

Your detailing services can play a pivotal role in boosting your CSI score while increasing the value of your budget. 

Bundling detailing services with online photography and other auto dealership services saves you time and money. You can offer customers several services for one low price. Thus, bundling detailing with other auto dealership services can boost your team’s productivity, reduce operating expenses, and improve your CX. 

How to Increase Service CSI Scores with Detailing Services

There is no set formula for how to increase CSI scores with detailing services. However, there are many tried-and-true best practices to increase CSI that you can apply to your detailing services and many others. These best practices include: 

1. Show Your Customers What They Want to See

The right photos help you get the customer experience off on the right foot. You can showcase photos of your freshly detailed new and used vehicles on your dealership’s website. This gives anyone shopping for cars in your city or town a clear look at what your dealership offers. If you use crisp, clear images on your site, those searching for vehicles will be able to find what they want at your dealership. 

2. Add Detailing to Your Reconditioning Process

Detailing and reconditioning together can help you speed up selling cars and level up your CX. If detailing’s included in your reconditioning process, you can seamlessly prep your vehicles before you sell them. When your reconditioned cars are ready, they’ll look great. As buyers view them, they may find your cars are exactly what they want.

3. Detail Cars Right Before You Deliver Them to Customers

You can make automotive detailing the final step of preparing your cars for delivery. This allows you to clean up cars inside and out before they reach customers. When you deliver cars quickly, customers are sure to be impressed.

4. Perform a Service Wash   

After a customer’s car is repaired, detail and wash it. By performing a service wash, you can make your customer’s car pop before you return it. Plus, a service wash helps you make a routine service appointment one that a customer will remember.

Ready to Increase Your CSI Score with Detailing Services?

Diamond Dealer Services offers detailing services and many others designed to help you improve your CSI score. To learn more about our services, contact our experts today.

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