Why Dealerships Should Use a Detailing Service Provider

Automotive detailing employee rinsing off a vehicle in a dealership detailing department

Your car dealership wants to keep its vehicles looking great. To achieve your goal, you may consider in-house automotive detailing. Yet, a superior alternative is available: hiring a company for professional detailing services.

At Diamond Dealer Services, we combine auto detailing with other car dealership services. In doing so, we’re a one-stop shop for all of your car dealer services. With our help, you can showcase your vehicles like never before. Plus, you can avoid common problems that crop up when you try to detail your vehicles in-house.   

Common Problems with In-House Auto Detailing

If you think you can detail your cars in-house without any issues, think again. Many car dealerships experience in-house auto detailing problems that hamper their ability to achieve the best possible results. These problems include:

Poor Management

Management can make or break a car dealership’s detailing department. If you don’t have the proper management team in place, customers’ detailing requests can get lost. Or, auto detailing technicians may fail to perform their work in alignment with your dealership’s requirements. The result: your dealership and its customers suffer the consequences of low-quality or incomplete car detailing work.

Recruiting, Hiring, and Training Auto Detailing Technicians

You will likely have to pay big bucks to find and hire quality auto detailing technicians. First, you’ll need to look for qualified candidates to fill car detailing roles. Next, you’ll have to conduct interviews and identify candidates that can deliver your desired results. From here, you’ll have to onboard and train new hires. Also, you’ll need to provide them with competitive pay — otherwise, you risk losing them to rivals. And, even if you do all of these things, there’s still no guarantee that your auto detailing techs will help your dealership thrive.

Lack of Technology

To succeed with in-house auto detailing, you’ll need air compressors, buffers, and other state-of-the-art technologies. Purchasing these technologies and teaching your auto detailing techs how to use them can be expensive and time-consuming. On top of that, you’ll have to maintain these technologies, which can further cut into your dealership’s finances.   

Benefits of Professional Auto Detail Services

Automotive detailing team performing an interior detail for a car dealership.

By partnering with a professional dealer services provider, you can get auto detailing and much more. The benefits of working with a detailing service company include:

You Can Get All of Your Car Dealer Services in One Place

In addition to dealer details services, you can receive many others. The best auto detailing company offers online photography, car reconditioning, and other services to help you prepare and showcase your vehicles. It also personalizes its services to your requirements. As such, the company ensures you get only the car detailing services you need, when you need them.

You Can Select the Add-Ons You Want

When you have an experienced auto detailing services provider at your side, you have the flexibility to pick and choose the right options for your dealership. For example, if you want your cars to receive a service wash with interior and exterior auto detailing, your partner can help you. A car detailing service company is at your disposal. If you want specific services for car detailing, this company can help you find the right ones for you.

You Can Level Up Your Customer Experience

You are in great hands by having a third-party vendor handle all of your car detailing. This vendor can clean your cars’ windows, apply tire dressing, and handle other exterior detailing tasks. Meanwhile, they will shampoo your car’s carpets, mats, and seats and handle all of your other interior detailing tasks. When buyers see your cars, they’re sure to be impressed. This can help you boost your Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) score, since customers will be happy with your interior and exterior detailing work. Over time, a high CSI score can distinguish your dealership from its rivals and help you earn rewards from some of the top automotive manufacturers.  

You Can Increase Your Profits and Sales

Ultimately, your dealership wants to maximize its profits and sales now and in the future. An auto detailing service provider commits the time, energy, and resources to meet all your detailing needs. This means you can always provide your customers with the best-looking cars. At the same time, you’ll have plenty of time to focus on high-value tasks outside of auto detailing. This represents a win-win, as you can improve your auto detailing and become more productive and efficient than ever before. You’ll also be well-equipped to drive profits and sales.

Partner with a Leading Detailing Service Provider

When it comes to finding an auto detailing service provider, many options are available. But, none can match the quality and affordability of the car detailing services offered by Diamond Dealer Services.We are a top choice for dealer details services. Our team can learn about your auto detailing needs and help you find dealer services that line up with your expectations. To learn more, please contact us online or call us at 410-559-6300.

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