5 Benefits of Outsourcing Dealership Car Reconditioning

Your dealership wants its cars to be ready to sell as quickly as possible. To date, your car reconditioning may have slowed you down. Fortunately, you can outsource your reconditioning — and enjoy the benefits that come with doing so. 

Here are five reasons to outsource your automotive reconditioning services. 

1. Time Savings

On average, used car reconditioning takes three days, according to research. The process can take longer than average if you don’t have the parts you need to perform repairs or upgrades. If your service department is backed up, it may be weeks before you can recondition a car.

A car reconditioning service is backed by automotive professionals who handle all aspects of your reconditioning, including:

  • Headlight restoration
  • Window tint removal
  • Ozone odor removal
  • Wet sanding

These professionals follow a seamless process to recondition your vehicles faster than ever before. 

2. Fast Delivery

On-time used car delivery is a must. If you can’t deliver cars on schedule, you can’t meet customer expectations. 

Auto reconditioning services speed up the car delivery process. Your reconditioning services provider gives you a time frame for your request, so you can give a customer a realistic time frame for their delivery. From here, the company provides status updates, completes its work, and makes sure that you can fulfill your customer’s request on schedule. 

3. Cost Savings

Typically, it costs about $11 million to launch a car dealership, Carvana points out. This total can be significantly higher depending on where your business is located. It can also go up based on your car reconditioning investments. 

With a reconditioned car service, you won’t have to worry about the costs to recruit, hire, and train staff. Highly trained car professionals take care of your reconditioning. These professionals know the ins and outs of vehicle maintenance and repairs. They apply what they know to every reconditioning request that comes their way. 

Along with this, car reconditioning services don’t require you to buy any equipment. This means you won’t have to spend anything on buffers, polishers, pressure-washers, or other reconditioning tools.

4. Quality Work

The quality of your automotive reconditioning may actually do more harm than good. For instance, if your service department lacks time and resources, it may rush through reconditioning requests. This can lead to reconditioning errors that hurt your dealership’s customer satisfaction index (CSI) score

A car reconditioning service provider prioritizes quality and stands behind its work. The business establishes clear expectations for its services from the get-go. It delivers the top-notch reconditioning services that both you and your customers deserve. 

5. Increased Customer Retention

How well you recondition a car can impact a customer’s decision to choose your dealership for their next vehicle. It can also lead a customer to recommend your business to family and friends — or urge these individuals to look elsewhere for automotive services and support.  

Automotive reconditioning services can improve your customer experience. When you recondition vehicles better than other dealerships, your business will stand out from its rivals. This can boost customer retention within your service department. It can also drive your customers to promote your business to anyone who wants to buy a car or get their vehicle serviced.

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Outsource Your Car Reconditioning

Hiring a service provider to recondition cars can benefit your dealership now and in the future. Of course, not all reconditioning service providers are created equal. By partnering with a tried-and-true provider of reconditioning services, you’ll be able to get exactly what you need. 

Diamond Dealer Services offers premium car reconditioning services for dealerships. Our certified team members prep your used vehicles for resale in a fraction of the time of our competitors. 
Contact Diamond Dealer Services for high-quality reconditioning, detailing, and photography services for your dealership.

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