The Role of Photography in Automotive Dealership Marketing

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Not all types of automotive digital marketing are created equal. For example, your dealership can use photos in its digital marketing campaigns to show off your new and used cars. But, if your photos are blurry, they make it challenging for consumers to see all your vehicles offer. Even worse, they can steer consumers away from your dealership and into the arms of a rival.

We understand the importance of effective car dealership marketing at Diamond Dealer Services. Our automotive photography helps you get crisp photos of your vehicles online as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Car Dealership Digital Marketing is On the Rise

Digital marketing is any online marketing effort, according to HubSpot. Your dealership’s digital marketing can include photos, videos, and other content you publish on your website or social media accounts. You can also promote your brand digitally through emails and other web-based platforms.

Research indicates that the global digital marketing market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 13.1% between 2024 and 2032. Additionally, this market’s value could exceed $1 trillion by 2023. As the global digital marketing sector grows, your dealership must plan accordingly.

Your digital marketing campaigns can help your dealership stand out from its rivals. However, your campaigns can miss the mark with consumers if you’re not careful. This can cause your dealership to miss opportunities to stir up consumer interest. On top of that, your digital marketing efforts can open the door for your competitors to gain ground on you or move ahead of you.

The Dangers of Poor Automotive Dealership Photography 

You can spend big on digital marketing for your dealership. The quality of your content can impact the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns. To understand why, consider these problems that can come up when you share your car photos online:

1. Blurry Photos

Consumers will have trouble seeing your cars’ features if your photos are unclear. Even though you want to showcase your vehicles’ exterior and interior details, fuzzy images make it impossible to do so. This can lead consumers to look elsewhere for cars that meet their expectations.

​2. Poor Return on Investment

The time required to take photos, prepare them for your digital marketing campaigns, and publish your images online can add up. Snapping photos of your vehicles can force you to take time away from reconditioning and other processes that you need to complete to get your cars ready to sell. 

​3. Slow Sales Process

Making a mistake as you prep your photos for online consumers can further delay selling your cars. Plus, the longer it takes to get photographs taken and added to your website, the longer the cars are sitting unsold on the lot. The longer vehicles sit on the lot unsold, the higher the floor plan costs for the dealership because dealerships are financing the cars for longer with no revenue.

Why You Need Professional Car Dealership Photography

With a professional car dealership photography service, you can publish high-resolution photos online faster than ever before. The benefits of a professional auto dealership photography service include:

1. Instant Access to Professional Automotive Photographers 

This service gives you access to photographers who know the ins and outs of taking photos of cars’ exteriors and interiors. These photographers can capture stunning images of your vehicles’ best features. 

2. Enhanced Digital Marketing Campaigns

Professional photographers can provide you with a steady stream of attractive car images. You can incorporate these photos into your existing digital marketing campaigns. Or, you can use these images to take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level. 

3. Increased Customer Satisfaction

You can get automotive photography in conjunction with other car dealership services. For instance, you can partner with a company that offers car photography, detailing, and other auto dealership services. This business will ensure that your cars look great online and offline. It can help you bolster your dealership’s customer satisfaction index (CSI) score, revenues and sales, and much more.

Get Best-in-Class Automotive Photography Services

On their own, automotive photography services can benefit your dealership. Of course, you can use these services in combination with many other car dealership offerings. Doing so lets you speed up getting your cars ready to sell and get the most value out of your digital marketing campaigns.

At Diamond Dealer Services, we offer an extensive collection of automotive dealership services. We can provide you with professional-grade automotive photos paired with many other auto dealership offerings.

Contact Diamond Dealer Services for high-quality car photography bundled with detailing services.

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