How to Get Used Cars Online Faster to Increase Dealer Profitability

Person reconditioning a used car headlight

The profit margin on used cars can be razor-thin. To improve your car dealership profit margin, you need to speed up auto sales for your used cars. This requires you to get your used vehicles online as quickly as possible.

Diamond Dealer Services offers reconditioning for automotive dealerships and other services to help you boost your used car dealer profit margin and reduce the time it takes to get your vehicles ready to sell. Today, our experts are breaking down how your dealership can increase its profitability by decreasing its used car turnaround time.

Car Dealership Profit Levels Expected to Decline in 2023

Dealerships owned by public auto retailers recorded an estimated $6.5 million in profits per location in 2022, according to a report from buy-sell advisory firm Haig Partners. This was more than triple what they were prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Haig Partners indicated that profits at auto dealers reached a “peak” last year. However, the profitability of car dealerships may suffer in 2023.

Haig Partners President Alan Haig told Reuters in March 2023 that in a poll of hundreds of auto dealership owners, most said they expect their profits to decline 10-15% this year.

How to Increase Dealer Profitability

Your car dealership cannot change the supply and demand for your vehicles. On the other hand, you can take steps to distinguish your used cars from those sold by your competitors. By bundling multiple auto dealership services, you can get your used cars ready to sell faster than ever before. Plus, you can drive sales, improve your Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) score, and enhance your profit margin.

Here are three auto dealer services you can bundle together to get your used cars online quickly and increase your profitability.

1. Reconditioning 

Thanks to a reconditioning service, you can restore headlights, remove window tint, and make other mechanical and cosmetic improvements to your used cars. As a result, reconditioning helps you turn any ordinary pre-owned car into one that captures buyers’ attention.

2. Online Photography

You can use a dealership photo service to capture high-resolution photographs of your used cars. These photos can show off your used cars’ bumpers, engines, and other interior and exterior components. They can make it easy for buyers to fall in love with your vehicles at first sight.

3. Detailing

With a detailing service, you can clean the cabin of any used car and make it look brand new. Meanwhile, the service lets you remove bugs, tars, and other exterior defects from your used vehicles. It also helps you preserve the paint job of every used car you sell.

Why It Pays to Partner with a Car Dealership Services Provider

An auto dealership services provider helps you to get your used cars ready to sell and maximize your profit margin. To do so, this third-party vendor serves as a one-stop shop for reconditioning, online photography, detailing, and other services.

There are many reasons to partner with a car dealership services provider, such as:

Personalized Services

A car dealer services provider learns about your dealership’s needs. Then, it can provide you with services tailored to you. It even gives you all-inclusive pricing designed to help you increase your profit margin.

Along with this, an auto dealer services provider has a certified team in place. Team members work diligently with your dealership to make sure that your needs are met. They follow proven processes to seamlessly fulfill any requests.

Outstanding Results 

Expect high-quality work from a car dealership services provider. This vendor handles your requests right away and keeps you in the loop every step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, the vendor’s team is ready to respond to them.

The best auto dealer services company can help you reduce your used car turnaround time, too. For example, Confidential Auto Group chose Diamond Dealer Services for its automotive dealership services. The result: we helped Confidential Auto Group reduce its used vehicle turn time by 53%.

Cost and Time Savings

Let’s not forget about the cost and time savings you get from an auto dealership services provider, either. While your team focuses on high-value tasks that drive profitability, your car dealer services provider helps you get your used cars ready to sell.

Plus, bundling multiple services under one vendor with one all-inclusive price improves profitability by reducing the amount of surprise fees you pay. 

Get Started with Car Dealership Services from Diamond Dealer Services

Diamond Dealer Services offers premium services for auto dealerships. We are happy to teach you about our wide range of car dealer services, how they work, and their benefits. On top of that, we can help you identify the right combination of auto dealer services to help you simultaneously get your used cars online quickly and increase your dealership’s profitability. Contact Diamond Dealer Services today for efficient automotive detailing and photography services.

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