Starting a Car Dealership? Why Detailing Will Make or Break It

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Starting a car dealership requires attention to detail. You must consider where you want to set up your business, employee recruitment and training, and compliance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Used Car Rule. Additionally, you’ll want to account for the services your dealership will provide and make sure they line up with your customers’ expectations. 

As you map out how to start a car dealership, consider your services carefully. When you do, you may find automotive detailing is a must-have for your dealership and its customers.

Why Should You Offer Detailing When Starting a Used Car Dealership?

Offer automotive detailing starting on day one at your dealership — here are three reasons why:

1. The Demand for Auto Detailing Services Is Increasing. 

The global car detailing services market is growing, according to research. Car innovations and rising awareness in vehicle maintenance are leading many consumers to automotive detailing centers. And this trend appears likely to continue in the years to come. 

By offering auto detailing at your dealership, customers can both shop for cars and make them look great. You can offer a variety of detailing services, such as:

  • Exterior hand wash and dry
  • Bug and tar removal
  • Light compounding and polishing
  • Shampooing of carpets, mats, and seats
  • Exterior and interior window cleaning

The more auto detailing services you offer, the more reasons consumers have to visit your dealership. If someone wants to buy a car or have their vehicle detailed, you’ve got them covered. This can help your dealership stand out from its competitors. It’ll also make your dealership a preferred choice for anyone who wants to work with a dealership that sells cars, details them, and provides other best-in-class services. 

2. You Can Drive Sales and Customer Satisfaction. 

Automotive detailing can be beneficial, but many dealerships have problems with it when they try to do it on their own in-house. Common issues dealerships encounter with their detailing services include:

  • Poor Management: Lack of management experience or mismanagement of a service department makes it nearly impossible to detail cars on time and on budget. 
  • Talent Shortage: Qualified detailing professionals are in high demand, and you may have to spend big to hire top talent. And if you make a bad hiring decision, you may have to commit significant time and resources to fix it. 
  • Inferior Results: If you don’t detail your cars correctly, you risk damaging your vehicles, which can hurt your brand reputation, sales, and customer satisfaction levels. 

Partnering with a car detailing services provider helps you address these problems and many others. 

An automotive detailing services provider understands exactly what to do to enhance a vehicle’s appearance. It will detail your cars properly and help them stand out to prospective buyers. Plus, it may help you get the best prices for your vehicles and maximize your profitability

Meanwhile, your willingness to offer top-notch detailing speaks volumes about your dealership’s commitment to its clientele. In most cases, customers will notice the quality of your detailing work. This can lead to positive customer reviews that help your business get an outstanding customer satisfaction index (CSI) score. And when consumers want to buy or detail a car down the line, they’ll look to your business for support.

3. You Can Save Money and Time.

For those who are embarking on the journey of how to start a used car dealership, you may find that time is limited, and your costs add up quickly.

It may take months or years to bring your auto dealership vision to life. Along with this, the cost to launch a dealership ranges anywhere from $30,000 to $500,000, depending on the car brands you offer and other factors. 

To keep your operating costs to a minimum, outsource your automotive detailing. Doing so helps you avoid having to pay for buffers, vapor steamers, and other equipment. It also gives you access to a proven vendor that details vehicles with speed, precision, and care. 

Of course, don’t rush through the process of hiring a car detailing services provider. Review the options at your disposal, look at a vendor’s experience, and select one that provides the services you want at prices that line up with your budget. 

Offer Automotive Detailing Services at Your Car Dealership

Starting a car dealership is challenging, and offering detailing services can help your business hit the ground running. These services allow you to provide consumers with add-ons if they buy a car from your dealership or want automotive maintenance or repairs. They can also help distinguish your dealership from rivals that only offer cars for purchase. 

If you’re starting a used car dealership or already have one in place and want to offer detailing services, Diamond Dealer Services can help you out. We offer high-quality exterior and interior detailing and many other car services for dealerships. 

Contact Diamond Dealer Services for all-inclusive detailing that improves profitability and customer satisfaction.

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