What Is Wet Sanding? And How Does It Increase Used Car Value?

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Wet sanding can help you remove deep scratches from a car’s paint. If your car dealership isn’t wet sanding your used vehicles, you may be missing out on a golden opportunity to boost their value. To understand why, let’s answer some of the biggest questions about wet sanding and its potential impact on your dealership and its customers. 

What Is Wet Sanding Exactly?

Wet sanding helps make all areas of a car’s finish look the same. It is generally performed after dry sanding, which shapes a vehicle’s surface.

With dry sanding, you use a sanding block and dry abrasive paper to remove paint and smooth a surface. This allows you to get rid of materials from a car’s paint.

Meanwhile, with wet sanding, you use dampened sandpaper. This helps bleed paint into any gaps, creating an even appearance.  

What Are the Benefits of Wet Sanding?

Wet sanding can help you:

  • Remove scratches and debris from a car’s surface. 
  • Make the finish of your used cars look shiny and smooth. 
  • Touch-up a car’s paint job. 
  • Correct the “orange-peel effect,” which can occur when car paint is not stretched or leveled properly. When this happens, a vehicle’s surface may appear bumpy and uneven, like an orange peel. 

Along with these things, wet sanding is less abrasive than dry sanding. It may also be used as a safer alternative to dry sanding or together with it as part of a comprehensive automotive reconditioning process.  

Why Is Wet Sanding Important?

Grit particles can damage a car’s finish and value and won’t go away on their own. Wet sanding helps remove these particles. 

Once you wet sand your used cars, they’ll look clean and pristine. This may help you generate interest in your cars, drive sales and revenues, and foster customer trust and loyalty. 

How Does Wet Sanding Impact Used Car Value?

According to research, many cars lose up to 20% of their value within the first year of purchase. From here, their value may decline about 15% more per year within the next four to five years. 

Wet sanding won’t change the fact that cars depreciate over time. However, it may help you improve the appearance of your used cars and make them attractive options to a wide range of prospective buyers. 

For instance, you may include wet sanding in your car reconditioning process. This helps you enhance the exterior appearance of your vehicles before you promote them to buyers. 

When you post photos and videos of your reconditioned vehicles online or when buyers visit your dealership to see them, they may stir lots of interest. 

Plus, if someone buys one of your dealership’s reconditioned cars, they won’t have to commit time, energy, and resources to fix scratches and other exterior blemishes. 

What Are the Risks of Wet Sanding?

If you’re not careful, you may wet sand too much and burn a car’s paint. At this point, there may be no paint left for you to smooth out the surface. Or, you may remove a paint layer altogether. 

There’s also the chance you may inadvertently remove too much of a clear coat around a car scratch when you wet sand. If this happens, a scratch may look more prominent and wider than ever before.

This is why working with a partner with experience in successfully wet sanding cars is essential.

How Can I Get Started with Wet Sanding?

Just because you can wet sand a car doesn’t mean you should. By working with a car reconditioning service, you can let highly trained and certified professionals wet sand your used vehicles. These professionals will do everything possible to make your used cars look great and get them ready to sell as quickly as possible. 

Diamond Dealer Services offers wet sanding as part of our car reconditioning service. 

In addition to wet sanding your used cars, we can restore the headlights, purify the air inside your vehicles, and much more. 
Contact Diamond Dealer Services for reliable reconditioning services at an all-inclusive price.

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