The Role of Photography in Automotive Dealership Marketing

Person taking a photograph of a freshly detailed car

Not all types of automotive digital marketing are created equal. For example, your dealership can use photos in its digital marketing campaigns to show off your new and used cars. But, if your photos are blurry, they make it challenging for consumers to see all your vehicles offer. Even worse, they can steer consumers away […]

How to Get Used Cars Online Faster to Increase Dealer Profitability

Person reconditioning a used car headlight

The profit margin on used cars can be razor-thin. To improve your car dealership profit margin, you need to speed up auto sales for your used cars. This requires you to get your used vehicles online as quickly as possible. Diamond Dealer Services offers reconditioning for automotive dealerships and other services to help you boost […]

The Importance of Professional Car Photography for Automotive Dealerships

Freshly detailed vehicle parked in a dealership bay

Car advertising photography is a powerful marketing tool for your automotive dealership. On its own, professional automotive photography makes it easier than ever to showcase your cars and draw buyers to your dealership. When used with detailing services, car photography helps you maximize your profits and sales, boost your Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) score, and […]