Customer Retention Tips: Turning Car Purchasers into Service Customers

Car dealership customers with a salesperson

Who says buying a car has to be a one-and-done deal? Promote your auto maintenance and repair services to car buyers, and you can retain these customers long into the future.   Here are four car dealership customer retention tips to help you transform buyers into service customers. 1. Teach Car Purchasers About Vehicle Maintenance and […]

How to Increase Customer Retention in Your Dealership’s Service Department

Employee detailing a headlight for an automotive dealership service department

Paying attention to automotive dealership customer retention is the key to unlocking more revenue from your current customer base. Providing your customers with great experiences in the service department distinguishes your dealership from its rivals. But how can you optimize your car dealership’s customer retention rate in the service department? The team at Diamond Dealer […]

How to Increase CSI Scores with Detailing Services

Diamond Dealer Services employees detailing a car to improve customer satisfaction

Your automotive dealership’s customer satisfaction score (CSI) has far-flung effects. A high CSI score can differentiate your dealership from its rivals, drive sales and revenues, and help you earn bonuses. On the other hand, a low CSI score can cause you to fall behind your competitors, miss out on growth opportunities, and make it nearly […]