What Is Wet Sanding? And How Does It Increase Used Car Value?

White car in a detailing bay

Wet sanding can help you remove deep scratches from a car’s paint. If your car dealership isn’t wet sanding your used vehicles, you may be missing out on a golden opportunity to boost their value. To understand why, let’s answer some of the biggest questions about wet sanding and its potential impact on your dealership […]

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Dealership Car Reconditioning

Your dealership wants its cars to be ready to sell as quickly as possible. To date, your car reconditioning may have slowed you down. Fortunately, you can outsource your reconditioning — and enjoy the benefits that come with doing so.  Here are five reasons to outsource your automotive reconditioning services.  1. Time Savings On average, […]

How to Get Used Cars Online Faster to Increase Dealer Profitability

Person reconditioning a used car headlight

The profit margin on used cars can be razor-thin. To improve your car dealership profit margin, you need to speed up auto sales for your used cars. This requires you to get your used vehicles online as quickly as possible. Diamond Dealer Services offers reconditioning for automotive dealerships and other services to help you boost […]