New & Used Detailing Service

For new and used automotive detailing, trust Diamond Dealer Services. We’re your partner for exterior and interior detailing services designed to exceed your customers’ expectations. 

Professional detailer performing exterior detail wash at dealership

Exterior Detailing Service

Diamond Dealer Services provides exterior dealer detail services that make it easy to preserve a car’s paint job and maximize its performance.

Our exterior detailing service delivers immediate and long-lasting value for you and your customers. We will:

We handle all aspects of your exterior car detailing request. Our team ensures each car is detailed properly so you can maintain the appearance of your inventory.

Professional detailer performing exterior detail wash at dealership
Professional detailer performing exterior detail wash at dealership

Interior Detailing Service

Diamond Dealer Services offers best-in-class new and used interior car detailing services for automotive dealerships.

Our interior detailing service makes the cabin of any vehicle look brand new. We will:

With our new and used interior detailing service, your customers are in good hands. Our certified team members pay attention to every auto detail. We commit our undivided attention to the task at hand, ensuring your customers get quality results.

Professional detailer performing interior trim detail at dealership
Diamond Dealer Services employee detailing a vehicle interior

Manage Your New and Used Inventory Workflow with Diamond Digital PRO®

Diamond Digital PRO is an excellent option for keeping track of your interior and exterior car detailing. Our state-of-the-art performance technology lets you view the status of every vehicle as it moves through the detailing and reconditioning process. That way, you can seamlessly manage your new and used inventory.


Reap the Benefits of Our Professional Car Detailing Services

Our professional car detailing services are unmatched. They provide many benefits, such as:

Employee taking photograph of a vehicle steering wheel for online marketing

Boosting Your Customer Satisfaction Levels

Interior and exterior detailing keeps vehicles looking great and performing at peak levels. You can use our interior and exterior detailing services to enhance the appearance and performance of your customers’ vehicles. This can lay the foundation for positive customer experiences and long-lasting partnerships.

Diamond Dealer Services team detailing a vehicle at an automotive dealership

Increasing Your Productivity and Efficiency

We hire, train, and manage team members that know the ins and outs of automotive detailing. Our team handles your interior and exterior detailing, so you can focus on high-value tasks to boost your dealership’s productivity and efficiency.

Automotive dealership general manager using Diamond Digital PRO platform on a tablet

Making Your Dealership More Profitable Than Ever Before

We clean cars quickly and offer an all-inclusive rate for staffing and setup. This means you can keep your cars clean without having to run your own in-house detailing operations. It also improves your profit margin by minimizing the cost of service.

Employee rinsing vehicle in a detailing bay

Distinguishing Your Dealership from the Competition

Our interior and exterior car detailing services can help you raise the bar for your dealership. We enable you to offer premium interior and exterior detailing of new and used vehicles. This can provide you with a competitive advantage.

Your Partner for Auto Detail Services and More

Reclaim your time for more critical focus with extensive detailing support from Diamond Dealer Services. We’re your partner for detailing and photography services, including innovative technology, site maintenance, and total labor management. Contact us today to learn more and discuss a custom solution for your dealership.

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