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Showcase Your New and Used Vehicles with Professional-Grade Photos

Car advertising photography can make or break your automotive dealership. You want your new and used vehicle photos to hit the mark with car buyers. Despite your best efforts, fuzzy photos make it tough for buyers to see all that your vehicles have to offer.

Professional dealership photo services can make a world of difference. You can get high-quality photos that you can quickly and easily share with car buyers. This can help draw buyers to your dealership, drive sales, and boost your profits.

Diamond Dealer Services offers a wide range of dealer marketing services. We combine professional car showroom photography with automotive detailing. In doing so, we save your dealership time with the photo shoot integrated into our process. Plus, our all-inclusive rate saves your dealership the cost of multiple vendors.

Professional detailer performing exterior detail wash at dealership

Dealership Photo Services

We want to provide the best result for our clients. So, we bundle dealership photo services with detailing solutions to ensure that your vehicles look their very best before we photograph them.

First, we detail your new and used vehicles. Then, we take dozens of 360° high-resolution photos of them. No more waiting around for a photographer to show up or deliver the pictures–we take them instantly. The photographs that showcase your vehicles’ interior and exterior components, including:

Additionally, we review your photos and upload them to your website daily. We make sure only the best images make it onto your website. From here, car buyers can view crisp, clear photos of your new and used vehicles on their smartphones, tablets, and computers. 

We also affix window stickers to your vehicles after we take photos of them. That way, your vehicles are ready to go onto the lot.

Employee photographing interior details of a vehicle for a dealership
Diamond Dealer Services employee photographing a car at a dealership


Why Should You Choose Us for Dealership Photo Services?

Our professional automotive photography services deliver outstanding results. Dealerships choose our car photography services for many reasons, such as:

Employee taking photograph of a vehicle steering wheel for online marketing

Save Time and Money

Bundling photography services with detailing saves your dealership time and money. We capture your cars at their best, right after the detail, and get the pictures online fast. That means no more waiting around for a photographer to show up or deliver the pictures.

Plus, bundling photography services with detailing in our all-inclusive pricing saves your dealership the cost of two separate vendors.

Freshly detailed vehicle parked in a dealership bay


Car dealership marketing is rarely simple. You constantly look for ways to promote your new and used vehicles to car buyers. Despite your best efforts, your marketing campaigns may fall short.

Our dealership photo services can boost your marketing campaigns. Any time you add to your inventory, you can include professional-grade photos to showcase your new and used vehicles. As a result, you can keep buyers up to date on your inventory — and make the most of your marketing campaigns.

Customer Engagement

You want car buyers to feel confident when they shop with you. Providing buyers with a seamless online shopping experience is crucial to achieve your goal. This requires you to share photos of your new and used vehicles and information buyers can use to determine if a car is exactly what they want.

We offer automotive photography that drives customer engagement. You can publish our top-notch photos on your website in conjunction with vehicle descriptions. When you do, car buyers can learn about your vehicles any time they choose and get the insights they need to make informed purchases.

Auto dealership general manager holding tablet, looking at online photography of cars

Sales and Profits

Professional photos get car buyers’ attention. They show off the quality of your new and used vehicles. If buyers like what they see, they can purchase a car from your dealership.

Our automotive photography services let you show off your inventory. We provide photos that give car buyers the assurance that you are selling top-of-the-line vehicles. This drives sales and profits.

Closeup of hands using a tablet with Diamond Digital PRO platform open

Lead Generation

Photographs speak volumes about your dealership and its vehicles. If you have superb inventory photos, car buyers will have no trouble finding your dealership online. As buyers visit your site to view your cars, you can generate sales leads.

Our automotive photography can play a crucial role in your lead generation strategy. We offer first-rate photos that can draw car buyers to your website. After buyers see your photos, they can contact or visit your dealership to learn more about your vehicles.

Choose Diamond Dealer Services for Automotive Photography

Diamond Dealer Services offers car photography services that can transform your dealership. To learn more or to get started with our automotive photography services, please contact us online or call us at 410-559-6300.

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