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Our skilled team of experts will conduct a thorough site assessment of your dealership, as well as meet with you on your needs/issues. Every dealership is unique, and we can provide customized solutions based on your needs, with our all inclusive pricing. Due to our expansive footprint, our cost is almost always less than a dealership managing, training, and staffing their own detail department. We are competitive with other detailing vendors, but provide top tier services.

All inclusive pricing means big value for you! You only pay for the vehicles that you approve for service, and we take care of the rest. We’ll pick up the tab when it comes to labor, hiring, training, chemicals, supplies, equipment, insurance, and uniforms.

Generally, our team can start providing services 30 days following a service agreement, but our preparation begins way before that! Our commitment is to be the best, so we take the time necessary to prepare. In some cases where we have additional team members, we can start even sooner!

Our customer is the dealership, and we’re here to meet your needs. Every dealership is staffed by a trained and tenured Diamond Dealer Services Store Manager who oversees the entire operation for you. You’ll also have a dedicated District Manager for any issues that might arise.

We’re hyper-focused on efficiency! Over our 21 years in service, we’ve learned the best shop setup layouts that optimize safety, efficiency, and productivity. Our trained  team will renovate and clean your detail bays and install the most advanced equipment in the industry.

Our technology is the backbone for our innovation. Using our Diamond Digital PRO platform, we can streamline our processes, eliminate error, and monitor our progress. You’ll even be able to track exactly where every vehicle is during the detailing process. We’ve completely eliminated the need for paper, a first in the industry!

Absolutely! We only use OSHA compliant chemicals with clearly marked containers and our RED Book of OSHA details at every dealership. Every team member is trained on every chemical used in every shop.

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