All-Inclusive Pricing for Dealership Services

Diamond Dealer Services believes that the only surprise when you work with us should be how consistently we provide top-notch dealership services. Our all-inclusive pricing model offers maximum value with no surprise fees.

Are Surprise Fees Cutting Into Your Profit Margin?

Dealerships can increase their sales by enhancing the quality of their vehicles with detailing services, paint correction, window tint removal, and more. However, adding extra services to basic detailing often raises fees that cut into your profit margin.

At Diamond Dealer Services, we don’t believe in surprise fees. Increasing your profitability is our success. That’s why we bundle our services at one all-inclusive rate.

All-Inclusive Dealership Services

Our services help increase sales and customer satisfaction at dealerships across the nation. An all-inclusive rate increases profitability, too. How does it work?

We meet with you to evaluate your dealership’s volume and needs. Based on that information, we tailor a customized to meet your needs in a simplified pricing structure.

Professional detailer performing exterior detail wash at dealership

Per-Vehicle Rate

An excellent service partner provides more than a basic professional auto detail. We bundle services into a used vehicle rate and a new vehicle rate to maximize your value. Depending on your dealership’s needs, the bundle may include the following services:

This option includes much more in the base rate than traditional models. It leaves only the services you don’t need on every vehicle as optional add-ons.

Professional detailer performing exterior detail wash at dealership
Professional detailer performing exterior detail wash at dealership


Why Is Our Pricing Model Better?

The all-inclusive pricing model from Diamond Dealer Services has a range of benefits for car dealerships.

Auto dealership general manager holding tablet, looking at online photography of cars

Increased Profitability & Sales

With fewer additional fees tacked on to each vehicle, the profit margin on each sale increases. The included access to extra services, like minor reconditioning and photography, also raises the quality of your inventory and marketing without additional fees.

Closeup of hands using a tablet with Diamond Digital PRO platform open

Free Access to Insights

We include free access to our Diamond Digital PRO platform and all the reporting it brings. Gain visibility into your detailing operation with a daily performance snapshot, weekly executive summary, and more.

Diamond Dealer Services employees inside a vehicle performing detailing services

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Without the limitations of surprise fees tacked on for every service, the quality of inventory your dealership provides increases. Keep buyers happy by ensuring they drive off in well-prepared vehicles.

Contact Diamond Dealer Services for an All-Inclusive Rate

Partner with Diamond Dealer Services to get a professional auto detail that includes more value without extra fees. Contact us today to learn more about all-inclusive rates for your dealership.

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